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Summary of Qualifications

IENA is a consulting firm specialized in Financial performance management

Performance Management

« 47% of companies do not have KPIs to control their key activities ».
An efficient management of performance should be instated to all the business functions within a company and should achieve a decision-driven management rather than remain reporting-driven. Measure, analyze and anticipate your performance for a better strategy alignment.

Do you control your payroll forecasts ?

During economic recessions, the use of technologies enhances the efficiency of HR management in controling performance and optimizing time spent on data anlysis. Measure and follow plan executions, control your information to support decisions.

Align financial performance with operational efficiency

Objective is to action your budget. The reporting set up must be cohesive with the mechanics of business operations. Shift the focus from a cost accounting perspective towards a broader operational and strategic performance perspective.

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« IENA, grâce à des consultants experts et une démarche agile innovante, nous a accompagné sur la refonte de notre application d’élaboration budgétaire et reporting. Grâce au support de IENA et ses accélérateurs, nous avons pu bénéficier d’une performance sur la gestion prévisionnelle de notre P&L, CA et marge (après coûts produits), frais généraux (incluant les frais logistiques), la masse salariale et le CAPEX. Le gain de temps et les bénéfices opérationnels sont significatifs. »

Directeur du Contrôle de Gestion, Head of controlling, Carglass