Improve your budget processes, manage your operational and financial performance

Agility and flexibility of forecasting have become a top priority of finance leaders. Innovative in the field of financial performance, the consulting firm IENA has put in place an agile methodology called FAST PLANNING© which enables building step by step each block of the financial management system :

Targeted issues

A simplified forecasting framework

  • Lightened mid-term and long-term plans…
  • However focused on structuring parameters and of high added value for the firm

A permanent visibility

  • Quickly updatable forecasts…
  • with each forecasting process aligned with objectives

A cross-functional management

  • Forecasts covering multiple issues to optimize costs…
  • Including the management of non financial indicators


relies on an iterative implementation process segmented by business functions, which greatly reduces the time-to-market each developed module.

Functions common to Fast planning

Organization, currency management, forecast horizon, consolidation, master data…

Margin management

Sales, Incentives compensation, COGS

Cost Control

Overhead, payroll, taxation

Investment management

Portfolio management, costs, cost-effectiveness…

Working Capital management

Stocks, third parties, cash conversion cycle

Balance Sheet structure management

Borrowings, assets, financial leverage

Profitability management


Cash management

Free cash flow, operating cash flow

Operations management

core functions effectiveness (purchasing,…)

Are you CFO, financial director or manager ?

Apply our approach to technology and improve your forecasting with quick wins and measurable results

«IENA helped us to implement a very accurate IT solution for our Group Management Reporting. The reason of this success consists in his capacity of listening to the customer, helping him to define precisely the needs through a team of good consultants. Now, we have at our disposal a very efficient reporting tool, fully dedicated to business monitoring (customer-oriented) ensuring reliability of data and meeting both local and corporate needs.»

Management Control and Finance director, Chantelle