Carbon & environmental performance, CSR/ESG reporting

Why tool up your Environmental Performance?

  • Identify all your impacts
  • Make it easier for you to take informed decisions
  • Optimise your actions
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your customers and employees
  • Increase transparency
  • Manage your environmental strategy effectively

Green Track, ESG performance measurement and management

Equipped with the IBM ENVIZI tool, Green Track simplifies the capture, consolidation, management and analysis of a company’s ESG data.

  • Auditable Carbon Accounting (GHG)
  • ESG reporting and disclosure
  • Performance monitoring against sustainability commitments and targets

Green Track, managing environmental performance

Global environmental footprint by product/raw material using the Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental P&L method

  • Greenhouse gas emissions (CO², methane, nitrous oxide, etc.)
  • Consumption and pollution of water and oceans
  • Impact on land use and exploitation/deforestation
  • Waste production and recycling
  • Biodiversity/Animal welfare

Environmental P&L and its benefits

Definition: an environmental income statement is a company’s monetary assessment and analysis of its environmental impacts (CO² emissions, water consumption, air and water pollution, land use and waste production), throughout the supply chain including its commercial operations.

Benefits :

  • Translating environmental data into monetary values gives a global view of the cost of activities
  • The results are easier to grasp and understand for managers and stakeholders alike
  • A more complete and enlightened view of the impact of the Group’s activities on the environment: supplies, production processes and the transformation of raw materials.
  • Strengthens and extends collaboration with key suppliers

Green Track: data collection for the environmental footprint of raw materials and products



  • Collection and creation of disparate, high-volume data
  • Consolidation and reporting of environmental impact
  • Analysis of the largest sources of pollution
  • Traceability and audibility of actions taken
  • Environmental impact forecasts and simulations
  • Recommendations for reducing environmental impact by controlling costs


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